Welcome by the Head Teacher

Melanie J. Lee welcomes you to Queens British Grammar School.

Dear Parent,

Let me welcome you to ‘Queens British Grammar School’, a British international school located in the centre of Estepona. We are now in our third academic year even though it felt like only yesterday when we opened our doors for the first time. Since that time, we have grown and expanded and are continuing to grow.

My aim is to make this school the best and the most successful school in this region. It will be an intentionally small school, with small class sizes, dedicated to delivering an exceptional learning experience for children, in a pleasant, supportive, yet disciplined environment that is focused on making each child’s time at the school a happy one.

Although a happy school life is one aspect of motivating children to succeed, we will also encourage them to strive for targets and goals that they may have once thought were beyond them, and in doing so, we will enable pupils to develop to the peak of their own true potential.

Our choice of a school name is no accident; the name ‘QUEENS’ represents our approach to teaching and the support and encouragement we will provide to pupils.

Q -      Quality in the provision of facilities, materials, and activities.

U -       Understanding of the needs of pupils, as a group and as an individual.

E -       Exceptional teachers with a proven background of success.

E -       Enjoyable - Making education and learning an enjoyable experience for pupils.
Time spent at school should be a positive and pleasant time for children.

N -       Nurturing - Creating a nurturing environment; looking at the development of the ‘whole’ child, academically, emotionally and physically.

S -        Striving – To help pupils to recognise that success and true potential is rarely achieved without effort and striving for it.

We are an all through school, from the age of 3 to 16 years old. In the very near future we will be offering KS5 provision in the form of Cambridge International Assessment A levels. Our initial focus is to enable pupils to achieve good results at IGCSE.

Whether you are new to the Costa del Sol, or are considering a better educational experience for your child, you will find Queens a warm, highly reputable and forward thinking school. Please contact our administration and they will arrange for you to come and visit us. I will be happy to personally show you around the facilities and explain how we will be providing the best education for your child.

Kind regards,

Melanie J. Lee, Head Teacher.