The school uniform is an essential part of the culture of Queens British Grammar School (QBGS). It ensures all children are dressed appropriately while at school and removes any element of ‘competition’ between pupils with regard to their clothing.

All pupils will be expected to wear the proper uniform at all times when at the school or on school trips, unless prior permission is given to wear other clothing.

QBGS has chosen a very practical, smart and distinctive uniform which we believe will be popular with pupils, and the parents who have to pay for it.

uniform 2.jpg
uniform 1.jpg

It is not the policy of this school to profit from the sale of the uniform and we have deliberately kept prices reasonable to reflect the actual cost of the clothing. The materials are of a high standard and the clothing is made by a reputable manufacturer.

The uniform will be available through the school reception desk and if items of uniform are lost or damaged, you will be able to replace them.

We believe our pupils will be proud to wear the uniform.