a practical, smart and distinctive uniform

The school uniform is an essential part of Queens British Grammar School. It ensures all children are dressed appropriately while at school and fosters equality and fairness.

Pupils are expected to wear the proper uniform at all times when in school or on school trips, unless special arrangements have been made.



  • Queens does not profit from the sale of uniforms.

  • Uniforms have been chosen for comfort and durability.

  • Items of uniform can be ordered from our reception desk and is available throughout the school year.


Black leather school shoes are required except on days when PE has been timetabled.

For PE, pupils should wear sensible, practical sports shoes.


Hair should be worn in a practical and comfortable fashion suitable for learning and sports. Hair should not distract nor affect the learning of your child or other children.

Jewellery & Watches

Parental discretion is advised when sending children to school with jewellery. The school cannot accept responsibility for any loss of valuables.

Facial piercings and tongue piercings are not permitted. Earrings should be of a simple stud design. Bracelets and necklaces are permitted on religious grounds, however, pupils should wear these out of sight. Besides a simple watch, no wrist wear is permitted.

Smart watches, Fitbits, internet enabled, NFC or wi-fi enabled watches, camera equipped watches, smart glasses and such like fall under our Mobile Devices Policy and are not permitted.