SEN (Special Educational Needs) Offer

“Queens British Grammar School is a fully inclusive school, which welcomes pupils of all backgrounds and abilities.” Melanie Lee (Head)

The structure of our school SEN Offer is built around the Assess, Plan, Do, Review approach. The following information will provide further guidance on this approach.


At Queens British Grammar School a child will be identified as having SEN when their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision that is different or additional from pupils of the same age. Assessment is a whole school approach that can quickly identify where a child is not making progress.

This process includes: – Observations and assessments made by the class teacher.

– Pupil progress meetings between the class teacher and the senior leadership team.

– Discussion with Miss Alison.


If a parent is concerned about their child then they are welcome to come and meet with Miss Alison who is our school SENCo. An appointment to see Miss Alison can be made through the office or by approaching her at the beginning or end of the school day.


This section is about the additional support our school offers children with SEN.

At Queens British Grammar School all pupils receive first quality teaching from their class teacher. Teachers have high aspirations of all the children in their care, providing a range of teaching and learning styles to aid each individual to reach their full potential. Work is differentiated, either by task or outcome, and resources adapted to address the needs of all pupils.

In some cases the curriculum will be adapted to ensure all pupils are learning and their needs and requirements are being met. There is access to I.C.T. equipment (Computer programs, laptops, spell checkers etc) to help children access the curriculum fully. Children who are identified as having a Special Educational Need (SEN) may work within small groups, in or out of the classroom, supported by the class teacher and/or a teaching assistant.

Children will have a Provision map which ensures that teachers are aware of individual needs and also gives clear targets and strategies for supporting pupils in the classroom.


The curriculum at our school is delivered to all children by class teachers, ensuring pupils receive a high level of first quality teaching. Children work within their own class or within year groups where the teacher provides additional support in a variety of ways including those with special educational needs and/or difficulties. This may include; participating in intervention groups and accessing 1:1 support where appropriate. This will be planned and assessed by the class teacher.

The class teacher plans, delivers, assesses and reviews work for all pupils in their class. Where a child has a special need and/or difficulty the teacher will adjust the curriculum accordingly. This may include access to a laptop, special or adapted furniture and equipment, support with physical activities.

Children with Special Educational Needs and medical conditions are encouraged to participate in trips and visits where adaptations will be made: additional 1:1 support, modifications to equipment, dietary requirements.


Children who have been identified as requiring support will be reviewed termly, this will be with the class teacher and parents/carers. Miss Alison will be in attendance if requested by either party. It is important that school and home work closely together towards outcomes so that pupils receive the most appropriate intervention and support to ensure progress is being made and achievements celebrated.